Construction Accounting

Experienced Construction Accounting Services

Accounting is one of the most important aspects of management and administration in business. In firms with several moving parts, an accounting team that accurately tracks the movement of assets into and out of the company is necessary to ensure both transparency and profitability. In the construction industry, firms and contractors face unique challenges when it comes to accounting.

Our Team at London Specialized Accounting Corp. has more than 50 years experience in the Construction industry for General and Sub Contractors. It is important for us to make sure you have the most accurate information to have a successful business.

Construction Accounting

Specialized in Construction Bookkeeping

The more time you wait, the more mess you have to deal with. Let us help clean your books!

Professional Services Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • AIA Invoice Preparation for Invoicing

    Having issues being paid on time from your Customer because an invoice was not submitted on time? Allow our team to capitalize as much as possible based on the completed work to date.

  • Manage Purchase Orders

    Is your spending out of control? Allow our team to help implement a Purchase Order Procedures.

  • Union Contractor

    Our team will prepare all required Union Reports and Payments for Unionized Employees. Have more than one union? No problem, we can do those too.

  • Job Costing

    Need to know how your project is tracking? We can provide real cost analysis of the projects on hand.

  • Cash Flow

    Having Cash Flow problems? We can help to get vendors on a paid-when-paid basis.

  • Notice of Commencement Filings

    Are you a General Contractor needing assistance with Notice of Commencement Filings? Allow our team to help with the process of filing with the local city.

  • Notice to Owner Filings

    Are you a Sub-Contractor needing assistance with Notice of Owner Filings? Allow our team to help with the process of filing with the Owner, General Contractor, Bonding Company, etc.

  • Formatting of Notice of Non-Payment / Claim of Lien

    Not being paid in a timely manner from your Customer? Allow our team to help format the correct Notice of Non-Payment or Claim of Lien Form for filling.

  • Release of Lien

    Our team can prepare and/or review release of liens needed and/or received.  Don’t sign another one and lose our rights.

  • WC Reporting

    With the proper Payroll Coding, we can help save your company thousands of dollars in Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

  • Credit Card and Bank Reconciliations

    Our team will provide accurate monthly Credit Card and Bank Reconciliations.

  • GL Reporting

    Our team can provide monthly, quarterly, or annually general ledger reports.

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